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Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm PST
policies sitting there. if the fiscal cliff conversations continue, certainly the other big issue related to that that both parties want to talk about is tax reform. there's some hope that something would get done before the august recess. there are three big domestic policies but something else could come up that needs almost immediate attention and the question is in this still very bitterly divided environment, will anything be able to get through? >> ed, i'm all for congress bashing, go ahead and do that. i think there's frequently sort of a misunderstanding when we start having these statistics about only this many bills were passed and only this many days in session. when you talk about a lack of productivity on big issues. it's not a work ethic problem. it's a philosophical impasse on some big questions like distribution of wealth and i'm going to be charitable, it's messed up dynamics and incentives in today's republican party where any form of compromise in democrats jeopardizes your political career and this has been the story since republicans gained control of the lower chamber in the 2010 elections. until those dynamics go away, they're always going to be unproductive. >> certainly there
Dec 26, 2012 6:00am PST
urgency rarg the fiscal cliff. are they geared up and ready to work on this? >> i think they are. they are hoping that the pressure to get something done will encourage everyone to come to the table to compromise. if you think about it, they have less than a week to get a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. not a lot of time. how did we get to this point? taking you back to last week, you remember john boehner tried to get that alternative bill through the house. his own bill. he didn't have the support to do it. it fell apart. now things are in the senate and it will be up to harry reid and mitch connell and the president to try to come to a compromise to avoid the tax hikes and spending cuts that go into effect on the first of the year. president obama had been working with house speaker john boehner and trying to get a big deal that dealt with tax reform and deficit reduction. that fell apart and talks have largely been stalled this entire time. there was a lost pressure to get something done. we have seen some of the impacts of the fiscal cliff. consumers saying they have been more cautious with their holiday spending because of the uncerta
Dec 31, 2012 6:00am PST
a half later, and we're at the same place with the fiscal cliff that i feel like we were six months ago! >> yeah, well, we've been here, done this, but i think it is possible, i think immigration reform, because it's good for everybody politically as well as for the country. but you know, the frustration i think is this all -- the republicans should have captured this message day one of obama's presidency. they should have said, no, not health care, jobs. they should have said, no, not health care, let's get the debt and deficit down. i mean, we sort of ceded this fight to the point of where we are now, and instead of capturing issues for our party, we could have been doing things by now. which now we're in this sort of standoff -- >> and your reaction -- >> and our brand is so tarnished from all the fighting that, you know, we've got to recapture our brand before we can even figure a way to compromise and be a part of the process. >> now, doug talked about sandy hook. now, the president, when he listed his priorities and what we played didn't mention guns, but he did -- gun control -- but he did in the interview. let's play a l
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3